• I started training with Kristin seven years ago and am a devotee!  Sessions with her always have a great balance of training hard, but having fun while you're at it!  I came to Pilates with a knee injury and Kristin always works with me on alternatives so I can get the most out of my session.  She gives me the confidence to try new and more challenging exercises and each time we train together, I learn something new about my body’s strength and mobility.  I'm still having breakthroughs after more than seven years of practicing twice a week!  I leave every session with her feeling a great sense of accomplishment!

    Dayna Graham Project Manager, Accenture
  • Kristin = Fun!  I first met Kristin as an apprentice at Core Pilates NYC in 2007 during my Mat Certification and later worked with her during my Comprehensive Apprenticeship in 2010.  Kristin is one of my favorite Pilates instructors to date.  Not only is she so much fun during every session, but she is extremely knowledgeable and is always taking your practice to another level.  My favorite session with Kristin was a semi-private where we worked on the chair for the entire hour!  I still talk about this session to my own clients as my most challenging session in Pilates.  Kristin is not just a great instructor, she's a great person, and that's why clients love to train with her.

    Tamara Newell Owner, Tamara Newell Pilates & Contributor, Pilates Style Magazine
  • As an athlete, if you're looking to improve your performance, stay off the injured list, or maybe rehab existing back pain, then you need Kristin in your life. Originally, I came to Kristin for help with a reoccurring back spasm that was hindering my training and ability to compete in CrossFit. I didn't know she would help with so much more then that. Kristin has all the right cues to help me move fluidly through each movement. The sessions I spend with her are both humbling and challenging. I had a huge breakthrough when she taught me how my "core" had to be engaged not only when performing CrossFit exercises, but also in everyday life. Whether I'm lifting a one rep max back squat, doing handstand push ups, or just standing for a prolonged period of time, I always have her lessons in mind. Since working with her I have not only excelled beyond my expectations, but I have been able to get back into the competitive cycle of local CrossFit events again. I give Kristin much credit for why I'm able to perform at the level that I can, and would highly recommend anyone who is serious about stepping up your game in CrossFit to speak with her.

    Josh Martinez Crossfit and Strength Training Coach
  • I came to Kristin after throwing my back out more times than I can count. As an avid CrossFitter, I was sick of having to take time off due to this lower back pain. Kristin has been a lifesaver! Not only do I no longer experience the debilitating lower back pain, but she has taught me how to engage and strengthen my core when lifting weights, resulting in both the elimination of my pain and also the ability to lift much heavier than ever before. Pilates is something I plan to do forever, thanks to the results I've seen under Kristin's tutelage.

    Leslie Bolton Member, Crossfit South Brooklyn
  • Kristin helped me tremendously. I was a complete novice when it came to Pilates and was hesitant about jumping into group classes, so she took me under her wing with some personal training sessions and now I do Pilates every week. I suffered from some lower back issues due to a week core and serious inflexibility, and Kristin knew exactly how to structure our sessions with exercises specifically geared towards strengthening my core and solving those problems. She was very attuned to what my issues and needs were, and how to create customized sessions to meet those needs. She's an amazing teacher. She is most definitely the Pilates Oracle.

    Robert Saywitz Artist
  • I've known Kristin since January 2011. In that time, she has been my Pilates instructor, my mentor throughout my apprenticeship at Core Pilates NYC, and then my co-worker there. Learning the method from her, whether as a client, an apprentice, or a new instructor, has been, without a doubt, inspiring, invaluable and really fun! Her passion for Pilates is contagious and she manages to make the method accessible to anyone who walks through the door. It's obvious to see how much she loves what she does just by watching her teach, giving her all to every client during every session. It would be impossible for me to separate my Pilates experience from all that Kristin has taught me and I wouldn't have it any other way!

    Kelly Stefanco Pilates Instructor